California Assembly Metrics as of 11/3/2021

We the People on California are stepping up to do our job in self governance. Follow our progress through the metrics above. Join Your Assembly!

Fully Assembled:All your interterm seats elected and filled. Example Los Angles county officials
Partially Assembled:County coordinator and a state/county Recorder or more seats filled.
Assembling:Papered up Men and Women on the land, county coordinator present and assembling.
Unassembled:Papered up Men and Women on the land present, no county coordinator yet!
Vacant:Lost at sea, US citizens still trying to swim back to the land. No papered up on county!
LRS Stats as of 11/3/2021
LRS Published Documents:1002
LRS Pipeline:409
LRS Stats as of 10/27/2021
LRS Published Documents:983
LRS Pipeline:401
LRS Stats as of 10/20/2021
LRS Published Documents:968
LRS Pipeline:400
LRS Stats as of 10/13/2021
LRS Published Documents:950
LRS Pipeline:407
LRS Stats as of 10/6/2021
LRS Published Documents:914
LRS Pipeline:406
LRS Stats as of 9/29/2021
LRS Published Documents:887
LRS Pipeline:416
LRS Stats as of 9/22/2021
LRS Published Documents:855
LRS Pipeline:367
LRS Stats as of 9/15/2021
LRS Published Documents:819
LRS Pipeline:377
LRS Stats as of 9/8/2021
LRS Published Documents:786
LRS Pipeline:362
LRS Stats as of 9/1/2021
LRS Published Documents:758
LRS Pipeline:356
LRS Stats as of 8/25/2021
LRS Published Documents:716
LRS Pipeline:327
LRS Stats as of 8/18/2021
LRS Published Documents:678
LRS Pipeline:319
LRS Stats as of 8/11/2021
LRS Published Documents:652
LRS Pipeline:289
LRS Stats as of 8/4/2021
LRS Published Documents:631
LRS Pipeline:277
LRS Stats as of 7/28/2021
LRS Published Documents:611
LRS Pipeline:283
LRS Stats as of 7/21/2021
LRS Published Documents:580
LRS Pipeline:290
LRS Stats as of 7/14/2021
LRS Published Documents:563
LRS Pipeline:291
LRS Stats as of 7/7/2021
LRS Published Documents:534
LRS Pipeline:274
LRS Stats as of 6/30/2021
LRS Published Documents:502
LRS Pipeline:262
LRS Stats as of 6/23/2021
LRS Published Documents:487
LRS Pipeline:241
LRS Stats as of 6/16/2021
LRS Published Documents:465
LRS Pipeline:231
LRS Stats as of 6/9/2021
LRS Published Documents:422
LRS Pipeline:198

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