California Ombudsman Committee Meeting

  1. California Ombudsman Committee Meeting

Please join Ken Burgess and the California Ombudsman’s for our weekly meeting to:

1. Discuss current Assembly events,
2. Resolve potential problems,
3. Air your thoughts and concerns,
4. Attempt to find a resolution to something that is not clearly defined.

We are an open minded group committed to helping the overall process of the Assembly through the following:

1. Clearly hearing the situation or incident;
2. Vetting the relevant and provided facts;
3. Uncovering anything further that might be relevant;
4. Providing context for that situation;
5. Providing a range of potential solutions to maintain the best honor and integrity for all parties involved;
6. Assistance to execute on those potential solutions as needed and desired.

Weekly, Thursday @ 7PM.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Please Note: As we sometimes have meeting business to attend to prior to addressing either Observer or Special Guests, you may be placed in our Waiting Room before joining the meeting.

Thank you,

Ken Burgess,

California Ombudsman Committee Chair.


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