Who are you really? Episode #1: Introduction

This series will help you understand and learn who you are really and how we lost the knowledge of who we really are.

First Video in the series

Do you believe that the United States Constitution protects you?
You may be surprised to find out who you really are.

Video 2 in the series

Who Are You Really? Episode #2: Independence

So if you are an American Citizen, you’re not a free man. You are legally a dead man. Unknown to you, because obviously you are still breathing, you think you are legally alive. You no longer count. Only your strawman counts.

Video 3 in the series

Who Are You Really? Episode 3: Walking in Honor

In this video, we discuss the importance of “Walking In Honor” for state nationals and our entire society.

Video 4 in the series

Who Are you Really? Episode #4: Transition

From Corporate Slave to Free Man or Woman How do you make the Transition?