Join in Compact

The Mayflower Compact is considered a cornerstone of American self-governance.

Those who had ancestors on the Mayflower, describe the Mayflower Compact as “the only instance in human history of that positive original social compact,” that many believe, is the only legitimate source of government.

As US Citizens, we had no idea that we had been enslaved.  As we break free from enslavement and land on unoccupied land with other living men and living women, we  come together to define the society in which we choose to live.  This Compact creates the organized source of self governance in a society.

No living man or living woman is required to join in Compact.  Each is only responsible for Nature’s Law, peaceable and private, causing no harm or trespass. 

We invite you to join us as one of the People in Compact.

Download and Print The Compact