Meet California Private Attorney General, Adriana Estevez.

January 13, 2021

Nick Yaya of “Free America Podcast”, interviews PAG, Adriana Estevez.

Adriana Estevez is a Private Attorney General with over 12 years of research into the corruption prevalent in the justice system of the United States. She defines what a Private Attorney General is and the importance of the PAG to defends the public when the public servants have failed. She is not Anti-Government but Anti Corruption.

To her credit she has disqualified over 1,600 judges due to conflicts of interest. She talks about how the US Government, courts and enforcement agencies are privately owned, profit-making corporations. She explains that the US Government is De facto and how a De Jure court for the people is legal by right and in accordance with the 1776 Declaration of Independence.

Nick Yaya of “Free America Podcast”