Making a public notice may be handled in many ways: a public newspaper, posted at the local courthouse or library, or recording on a open records.

● This private website offers a posting where you can publish in your local paper a web link to this location, this is specifically helpful for lengthy notices:
● Click the red “Create Account” button on the center of the page
● Use an email address that you control and a secure password
● Once signed up, you’ll receive an email that will contain a link. Clicking that link will verify
your email address and unlock your new open records account

Next Steps

● Log into your newly verified open records account
● You can now complete your user profile. Be sure to fill out all profile information. This
information allows the system to properly connect you to your State/County recorder so
all recording activities can happen correctly and efficiently.
● When you’re ready to order a Credential Card, you can upload a “headshot” image and a
thumbprint image.

○ Be sure your “headshot” image shows you from the shoulders & up, has a neutral
and light-colored background, and is as clear as possible (think “passport photo”).
○ In your “headshot” photo your shoulders should touch the bottom edge of the
image and a small gap just above your head/hair should touch the top of the image.
○ If you wear glasses, remove them for the “headshot” photo.
○ For your thumbprint image, use red ink on white paper to create a clear “camera-ready” thumbprint.
○ Your thumbprint photo must show your thumbprint from edge to edge. The idea is
to have your thumbprint show as large as possible in the photo.
○ Be sure to use good lighting when taking the thumbprint photo so the image is as
crisp and clear as possible.

Recorder Fees
○ Recorder fees $30 for the first document.
○ Recorder fees $60 for multiple documents.

Open Record Fees
○ Open Record fees $5 per document.

Any issues with this website, please contact chief recorder Barbara Greer, this is not run by The California Assembly: