To Start Paperwork on California, contact a Recorder.

Los Angeles

Nancy Kremer, San Fernando Valley
Carmen, Lancaster

Contact your county recorder
Monterey: YassenContact your county recorder
Placer:Doreen M. Brougher, Deputy Chief RecorderContact your county recorder
Riverside:Barbara Greer, Chief RecorderContact your county recorder

Once you learn the fraud of the corporate fiction and bond created from the Birth Certificate, the process to correct is different for each of us. The California Assembly has created a general testimony to start the path. This document is your private statement. Contact a recorder or your county contact to get started on your journey and see where your path may lead. It may be to authenticate your birth certificate, correct your passport, or more.

The term sovereign citizen is often confused with an American state national. Learn the difference contact your county.

Join us on Wednesday night Town Halls at 7:30pm to ask questions and learn pathways that may be right for you.