What’s Up On Alameda County?

To see what we have going on, upon Alameda County, head to our website at https://alamedacountyassembly.wordpress.com/

We are joining in with some health freedom and patriot groups in our area, to do regular rallies on highway overpasses with signs. See our events calendar for dates. https://alamedacountyassembly.wordpress.com/events-calendar/

We plan to do informational tabling on September 12 at the “Solano Stroll”, a regular outdoor event on Solano Avenue on Berkeley and Albany, again joining in with health freedom groups.

We are also working on other outreach efforts.
We are working to gradually set up an actual de jure court on Alameda County, which would be the first of its kind, and the first legitimate court for We the People, in some 150 years.

If you are interested in any of these things, or have other ideas for projects that the Alameda County Assembly could undertake or be involved in, let us know! You can contact the Alameda County Coordinator, Deborah, at greenfirewoods@protonmail.com