Meet Our Elected Volunteer Public Servants

Yassen Batchev

California Chairman

Seat Empty

California Chief Recorder 

Kim Vilardi

California Scribe

Yassen Batchev

California IT

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California Treasurer

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California Bondsman

Instructors (a partial list)

Ron Kelly
Ron Kelly
More to Come!

The  Assembly is composed of living men and women who have learned the fraud and are in the process of correcting their political status and moving from the public to the private. 


General Assembly

General Assembly brings the living men and women  on California together to make decisions for our state.
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Jural Assembly

Jural Assemblies are formed at the County level and provide the Court Services overseeing the Grand Juries, Trial Juries, and functions of the courts.
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Militia Assembly

Assembly Militias are formed at the County level  and focus on promoting public safety and are the “well-regulated” militia guaranteed to each State for its internal security.
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We invite you to join us in Compact creating the body polity.
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