The California Interim General Assembly – ELECTIONS NOVEMBER 2, 2022 One year term. Contact Button to reach out to the Vetting Committee for more information.

Nancy Kremer
Chairman of the General Assembly

California Treasurer

Carmen Ketcham
California Scribe

California Marshal-At-Arms

Meagen Meyer
Court Clerk

Barbara Greer
Chief Recorder

Doreen Brougher
Deputy Chief Recorder

Ciria Gonzales

David Jacobs

Ron Kelly

Toni Willis

The California Assembly consists of Interim Public Servants.

These are elected living men and living women who have corrected their political status. These elected volunteers hold their seat until the November 2022 elections.

As we assemble for the first time since the Civil War, we are learning and teaching what a dejure form of government looks like and how to operate peaceably on the land as men and women rather than corporations.

General Assembly

General Assembly provides a learning and discussion forum.

Each county secures a Militia Coordinator

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