JOIN YOUR ASSEMBLY-Becoming an American State National

So you think you wish to change your status to American State National. For some this may be an easy decision and for others this may not be as easy and clear cut of a decision. We have created a few videos for you to watch before making that final decision. We suggest you watch all 5 of them first and then if you still believe this is the path you wish to follow we can help you learn more and help you change your status.

The most important take away from these videos is that to be a private State National is to know WHO YOU ARE REALLY.

To be able to change your status is not just a piece of paper, although we have a declaration that you can download, fill out, have witnessed and record in the defacto. This is more a declaration of intent. You are basically stating you are no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States Corporation. It is important to know that just filling out and recording this piece of paper is not the end of becoming a National. As in the videos it tells you that you are committing to helping to build the community and courts. Even if in a small way, every person makes a big difference and there is something for everyone to get involved in depending on your passion.

Authenticating your birth certificate, getting a non-US Citizen (diplomatic immunity) passport and Non-US Citizen Drivers License, and reclaiming your Land Patent are just a part of what you can do to free yourself from their control and taking back control of your life. We have many resources you can access to learn about the fraud, about grand juries, and more at your own pace.

We are establishing our common law courts to help protect and defend Nationals. These petit common law courts and grand juries will be vitally important in transitioning to our dejure government.

This document can be edited and changed to make it your own statement of intent. There is no set in stone way to do this. If you have questions or need help you can contact us and your county contact can help explain it further.

Download Declaration of Life

Download and Print The Compact 

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