Adopted by The California General Assembly September 21, 2022


Treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Read our “The California Assembly Guidelines”.


We know that attendees will not always agree, but we expect everyone in attendance to treat one another with dignity, honor and respect. Our “Guidelines” sets the tone for discourse and keeps our community respectful, lawful, and peaceful.

Treat everyone with dignity, honor and respect;

You agree that when participating in The California Assembly or using Assembly products or services you will NOT:

Harass, Intimidate, provoke, ridicule, name-call, yell at, demean, bully, act confrontational or be combative to others;

Defame, slander, libel, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten, or otherwise violate the lawful rights (including privacy, publicity, and intellectual property rights) of others;

Solicit, collect, require, or publicize the personal information of others;

Upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any unlawful, inappropriate, defamatory, threatening or obscene content or message;

Trespass or attempt to gain access to any property or location of any attendee where you do not have a right or express permission from the attendee;

Impersonate another person or entity;

Promote, incite, organize, or facilitate physical harm, mental harm or injury against any group or individual attendee, Chair or Admin in the private;

Transmit any viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, or any items of a destructive nature;

On chat and or social media, treat everyone with dignity, honor and respect; Keep posts Assembly related;

At events, treat everyone with dignity, honor and respect including guests and attendees;

Do not take pictures of or record attendees of The Assembly for the purpose of posting pictures of attendees on social media, websites and the like without their express permission;

Assembly zooms and Town Hall format: NO long monologues or dissertations, get to the point in under 2 minutes when asking questions;

NO discrimination, hatred or violence, The California Assembly does NOT support behavior that promotes or condones violence; No violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred based on these core characteristics or other hatred; If the primary goal is to attack a protected group, attendees or individual(s) physically, the behavior or content crosses the line; Any offending individual will be removed from our community, and any offending content will be removed from our platforms;

Assembly, its Officials, Chair, Admin, and or Appointees assumes NO liability for its attendees behavior, views and or opinions and The Assembly assumes no liability for those behaviors, views and or opinions expressed by individual attendees; By your participation as an attendee at any Assembly events, you agree, The Assembly assumes no liability without recourse; It is up to the individual or attendee to do their own research and obtain their own adviser before implementation of any shared views in Assembly and it is highly recommended attendee do so; Attendees agree that your participation within our community is at your own risk and will; You assume all risks and liabilities related to or resulting from your participation within our community; As an attendee, you agree NOT to hold the Assembly, its Officials, Chair, Admin, and or Appointees responsible or liable for any injury, loss, harm or damage to yourself or your property as a consequence of your participation within Assembly;

Guidelines Enforcement: Assembly takes violations of Assembly Guidelines seriously and will respond appropriately; Assembly reserves the right to remove any individual, attendee or business from any Assembly affair, meeting, chat, social media, Committee and or event that violates Assembly Guidelines;

The California Assembly has adopted and utilizes the Bivens Decision, Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 12 Edition and will be enforced; The California Assembly recognizes the authority of Holy Scriptures for Governance;

All disturbances shall be directed at the sole discretion of the Chair or the Admin without recourse; With honor The California Assembly has adopted Matthew 18 process;

In order to not disrupt The Assembly and give an opportunity to cure, upon disturbances/ disruptions, attendees will be directed to take the issue private between the parties one-on- one; Chair and Admin reserves the right to mute, bench or remove attendees from meetings should they be deemed a disturbance/disruption; Should attendees creating or participating in disturbance/disruption agree to stop, then the Chair may allow them back into meetings; Sole discretions will be held by the Chair and or any Appointee delegated by the Chair; Should this not create a resolution, then, only if or when its regarding The California Assembly business, all disturbance/disruption by attendees shall be directed to an Ombudsman;

The California Assembly reserves the right to update, change or amend these Guidelines without any prior notice; Definitions: Attendees: all those in attendance whether live, virtual, or as a member.

Express permission: written permission including texts, emails, and wet autograph.

The Assembly: means The California Assembly Disturbances/disruption/confrontational: see section 2, 5 & 7 of The California Assembly Guidelines.

Ombudsman: see job description as set forth in Vetting Committee.

Admin: manages and is responsible for the running of an entity, particularly social media. Events: Live events, The California Assembly zooms, Committee meetings.

Without recourse: a phrase meaning that one party has no legal claim against another party and can not sue that party or obtain adequate relief even if a lawsuit moves forward.

You may reach the Ombudsman at