Create a Land Recording System (LRS) account

● Go to
● Click the purple “Sign Up” button on the top right-hand side of the page
● Use an email address that you control and a secure password
● Once signed up, you’ll receive an email that will contain a link. Clicking that link will verify
your email address and unlock your new LRS account

Next Steps

● Log into your newly verified LRS account
● You can now complete your user profile. Be sure to fill out all profile information. This
information allows the system to properly connect you to your State/County recorder so
all recording activities can happen correctly and efficiently.
● When you’re ready to order a Credential Card, you can upload a “headshot” image and a
thumbprint image.

○ Be sure your “headshot” image shows you from the shoulders & up, has a neutral
and light-colored background, and is as clear as possible (think “passport photo”).
○ In your “headshot” photo your shoulders should touch the bottom edge of the
image and a small gap just above your head/hair should touch the top of the image.
○ If you wear glasses, remove them for the “headshot” photo.
○ For your thumbprint image, use red ink on white paper to create a clear “camera-ready” thumbprint.
○ Your thumbprint photo must show your thumbprint from edge to edge. The idea is
to have your thumbprint show as large as possible in the photo.
○ Be sure to use good lighting when taking the thumbprint photo so the image is as
crisp and clear as possible.

Any issues with this website, please contact their support, this is not run by The California Assembly:

Land Recording Office (LRO)

This system is open to all American State Nationals and American State Citizens. It is a modular, open source development platform.

The services offered by this system include:

  • Publication and storage of your recorded documents in International Jurisdiction
  • Issuance of Credentials as an American State National or an American State Citizen

Visit the LRO at:

Or for more information or support assistance please send an email to:

Both systems are approved by The United States of America (an unincorporated Federation) and Anna Von Reitz, Fiduciary.

Questions contact your county coordinator!