Jural Assembly provides the Court Services and oversees the Grand Jury, Trial Juries, Functionaries, and functions of the courts.

The California Jural Assembly is Citizens for the de Jure California. 928 paperwork and elected to an office required to participate. Every Monday from 4pm-6pm.

Chris Reed
California Chief Justice

Barbara Greer
Chief Recorder

Cindy Thomas
Chief Court Clerk

Dee Yates
Record Keeper

Doria Shipka


Ron Kelly
Associate Justice

Greg Snegoff
Associate Justice

Fred Sottile

Michelle Ford
Deputy Chief Recorder

Toni Willis
Associate Court Clerk

Doreen Brougher
Deputy Chief Recorder

Jural Assembly Handbook by Anna Von Rietz

Section 13.

All the people you see inhabiting what appear to be your Courts are Hired Jurists, and they will admit it.

Go ahead and ask them. Walk up to any of the State of State Judges or Municipal STATE OF STATE Judges and ask them the question: “Are you a Hired Jurist?” — and the vast majority will answer truthfully, why, yes I am.

The same scam and unlawful conversion described applies to the Judges, and Justices, too.

99.9% of the members of the Bar Associations are not qualified to act as actual Judges or as Justices, either one.

These people are just Hired Guns, working in private quasi-military and private corporation tribunals.

Instead of being employed by the actual unincorporated State or County as actual Judges and actual Justices, they were suddenly reduced to the capacity of being Hired Jurists in the employ of foreign corporations doing business as either Territorial States of States Courts or Municipal STATES OF STATES COURTS.

The California Courts ceased to function and the incorporated Territorial State of California Courts and the incorporated Municipal STATE OF STATE COURTS took over the “Judicial Functions” — but the actual unincorporated Courts owed to the People of California and the people of each County in California, disappeared. Overnight.

And that is why you can’t find justice in this country anymore.

Both the Territorial State of State and the Municipal STATE OF STATE are for-profit organizations in the business of providing governmental services. The service they are providing tends to be racketeering aimed at fleecing the actual living people out of their assets for the benefit of their respective corporations.

And their Hired Jurists, are, after all, working for them, and not occupying any Public Office.

Within your assemblies, and at the County level, the people are served by “Justices of the Peace”. At the State level, the people are also served by “Justices” as in “Justices of the Supreme Court”. Also at the State level, because not all of the State’s international jurisdiction was ever delegated away, we have “Judges”.

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