The Jurisprudence Study is a wonderful opportunity to learn our true history and the history of our founding as a state and united States.

David Jacobs, moderator.

Meetings are Mondays from 6pm-8pm.

The problem is our current government corporate systems clearly evident in our courts.

Both the Territorial State of State and the Municipal STATE OF STATE are for-profit organizations in the business of providing governmental services. The service they are providing tends to be racketeering aimed at fleecing the actual living people out of their assets for the benefit of their respective corporations. Their hired jurists, are, after all, working for them, and not occupying any Public Office.

The solution is the dejure living men and women controlling their government, best found in grand juries.

The historical power of the people comes from the de jure grand jury, deriving their authority from the Magna Carta. This authority was referred to by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia as the 4th branch of government. It is where the jury of 25 people judges not only the evidence and facts of a claim, but also the laws. Jury nullification is the power of this grand jury’s unanimous agreement. In fact, their unanimous consent can correct nearly any corruption, racketeering, or criminal situations coming from the government.

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