“California is on Fire!” -On the Land in Northern California

Later this summer, those words above will most likely be the dominant headlines in the local news media here in California. The difference between this fire season and previous fire seasons is that there will be no water in many of the usual places that local and state fire crews can normally rely on to obtain their water while fighting these large fires.  Many of the reservoirs, lakes, ponds, creeks, etc. are either completely dry,, or are extremely low.  Helicopters can precisely drop hundreds of gallons of water with a rapid turn around when there is a water source such as a nearby pond.  These drops can make the difference of either stopping the forward spread of the fire, or the fire continuing to grow larger. Having this understanding of the dire water shortage gives us a window of opportunity to improve our chances for success by obtaining a water storage tank, a pump, some hose, a nozzle, and some sprinklers.  I highly recommend to anybody who lives in a fire prone area, which is now most of California, and has the means to obtain these items, purchase them now while you can still get them, and then you will have a much better chance of saving your home if and when a fire gets to your neighborhood. 

Join the California Assembly. We are making a difference in Northern California. Our counties are repopulating their Jural Assemblies and our Dejure government.

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Active Fires of Interest

July 2021 Update: Dixie Fire197487 acres and 22% contained as of 10:16amPark Fire75 acres and 0% contained as of 5:17pmPeak FireNot a CAL FIRE Incident as of 7/22/2021Tamarack FireNot a CAL FIRE Incident as of 7/19/2021Beckwourth ComplexNot a CAL FIRE Incident as of 7/05/2021Lava FireNot a CAL FIRE Incident as of 7/07/2021Dexter FireNot a CAL FIRE Incident as of 7/15/2021