The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law by Emmerich de Vattel (Basis for The Compact)-request a pdf.

The Creature from Jekyll Island – by G. Edward Griffin

Burness Speakman 1980’s Videos

The Future is in the Past. Law is for the ruled NOT the Rulers. Why are there people above the law and out of reach?

How to save 96.5 % on postage.

Law Dictionary & Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed.



Christopher Hauser YouTube Channel

Common Law Trusts

Weiss Trustee Handbook

Trusts common law – Dave Miner, March 2013(2)

Affidavit: Get Jab or Get Fired

Child Support, Handling CPS, Edward Olkovich’s attachments from California General Assembly Town Hall 9/1/21

Declaration of Status and Corporate Fraud, Ron Kelly’s Universal Partial Template Letter For A Taste

Transitioning Your Business From Public to Private – Tips for American Nationals

Notice of Liability for mask, jab and testing for SCHOOL

Notice of Liability for mask, jab and testing for AIRLINES

Declaration of Independence

Grand Jury Hand Book Final

Maxims of Law

Fruit from Poisonous Tree Private Copy (h)

Bouviers Maxims Of Law

U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual 2016

Noah Webster’s Dictionary 1828

Liberty stamp

Free registered mail

Post Office and

Christians and their role in government – video with KrisAnne Hall

California’s 1879 Constitution Created Administrative Law video

The Greatest-Story-NEVER-Told

Murder by Decree Common Law Community Training Manual

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