California Historical Scavenger Hunt

In 1849, 48 delegates convened to form the original California Constitution in Colton Hall, Monterey County, California. We have come to discover several of these delegates may have had an ulterior intention for California other than the de jure form of government owed to We the People as written in the original constitution of 1787.

Join us in our historical scavenger hunt on the founding California fathers. We must discover who were BAR members and who were not. Then assume all BAR members were against us and heavily research both the BAR members and the others in our California constitutional history. Secrets may be found! Do their ancestors live amongst us? Could they hold hidden California history? Every county should focus on their own 1849 county representatives as stated in the “Profiles of the Signers of the 1849 California Constitution” link below.

Tips for the historical scavenger hunt!

Try your local library, your state collage library’s, the California missions all have historical documents. Information could be hiding in your local museums or any of your local historical societies. There are many more places for history to hide so get creative… Not everything is on the web!

What we are looking for!

We’re looking for any evidence of another California constitution being written on or before the 1849 California constitution. We are also looking for the rights to the original California seal.

If you find any pertinent information to our historical scavenger hunt please post it to the comments section of this post, or contact your county coordinator.