Join in Compact

The Mayflower Compact is considered a cornerstone of American self-governance. Those who had ancestors on the Mayflower, describe the Mayflower Compact as “the only instance in human history of that positive original social compact,” that many believe, is the only legitimate source of government. As US Citizens, we had no […]

Los Angeles County Officials

Court Peacekeeping Greg Snegoff Justice of the Peace Lallah Rowe Court Clerk Carmen Ketcham Coroner Nikki Morrison Coroner Fred Sottile Bondsman Peter Kelley Marshal-At-Arms Vikki Ingledue Record Keeper Cezar Apolinario International Recorder Michelle Ford International Recorder Nancy Kremer State Recorder Vikki Ingledue State Recorder Carmen Ketcham State Recorder Julia Andersson […]

California Assembly Metrics as of 11/3/2021

We the People on California are stepping up to do our job in self governance. Follow our progress through the metrics above. Join Your Assembly! Fully Assembled: All your interterm seats elected and filled. Example Los Angles county officials Partially Assembled: County coordinator and a state/county Recorder or more seats […]